DH Meeting Notes (Meeting One/Two/Three/Four)-FMP Preparation

3025MAPA Final Media Project: Research


Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 16.34.35.png

Today I met with Denise H to discuss our collaboration and go over all of our respective ideas. Considering we had worked together before, we made sure to bring up previous notes and revisit initial ideas, plans and thought. Further extending each idea and feeding in other ideas to build our foundation and really focus on Ballet and the stigma behind it. Further aiming to bring light to body types and how more varied body types should be showcased as opposed to standard body types. Whether they may be too skinny or too gaunt, adding to the present ballet stigma.

Pre-planning (attached mindmaps below):

Note: Opting for Mind Map 120170825_13472420170825_134633

FMP MEMO Notes (to keep in mind):

  • Idea feasibility
  • Backup ideas (inc.shortlist and mini Prezi ideas)
  • Appeal
  • USP of Idea
  • Contributors (i.e Denise-background, mini profile, skills etc.)
  • Whats different to your idea? And how has it been done before?
  • What mediums have already been explored??
  • Visit full fmp Google Drive asap!

Recorded Session Notes (Minutes): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxvIYFz2vxgbdGd2MlZHQnlvT0U

Research Corner

*(see mind maps and attached book links here)+ Harvard reference when analyzing all etc plus look at notes (from sessions).

Ballet Body Types: https://aballeteducation.com/2016/02/01/what-is-the-ideal-ballet-body/







Important Figures


In The Media



Research (to compile)

Look into Ballets History plus renowned and memorable ballet moves

Do research into films portraying ballet and film series

Also research Ballet and the ‘perfect body’ plus important artists etc.

Plus see all fmp google drive note etc. 

Key Takeaways from session (note extract below)

  • Promo for DH dance sessions (including interactive website see links at the bottom)-PLAN NEW MEDIA STRATEGY (possibly do a before and after etc.)

Utilise Facebook (group forums) and also think about Facebook polls to promote direct audience engagement. Plus sue Denise’s sessions as trail runs (possibly take all equipment with you and go along with her travel/expenses depending).

  • De-sensitising ballet (“one size fits all”)
  • Interactive mini interviews (ballet stories/black and white)
  • Perception-Respect-background-thoughts (ballet dancers)
  • Beating/Breaking the stigma-mental health-loneliness
  • Ballet is purely a showcase of the body (too much emphasis on this as opposed to focus, growth etc.)



Ballet & Body Type (videos) *Reference all videos below and list importance of link plus usage. For example, the following link aided my research/the following link informed my research by….


Promo spree (for Denise’s dance classes)

  • Mini-interviews
  • Interactive website (see: http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com/ and https://www.justareflektor.com/)- Annotate visual aids and reflect on the importance of interactive based content and how it engages audiences (a wide audience-add stats)
  • Black and white interviews: Understanding peoples perspective on ballet (DH’s dance students-varied age group-varied strengths-varied skills etc.
  • Varied website (involving interviews, mini-tutorials, how to’s, reading sources etc.)
  • The website may also include top ballet books to read or top role models, aspirators to follow etc.
  • Further think about website as an online portal (like Moodle) where DH’s students can find helpful resources, advice, inspiration and more to further their understanding of Ballet whilst increasing their overall knowledge etc with interactive sources, videos.- Also, think about involving podcasts (why not interview students and Coventry Uni who do ballet and who have some advice for DH’s students vice versa etc.-do valid research beforehand and also discuss all with DH etc.)

To-Do List:

  • Create a location mood-board plus shortlist desired choices.
  • Think about all the equipment you need and possible insurance
  • Further, think about the feasibility of your idea and the likelihood that it will be chosen. Alongside this create an extended Prezi, making sure to add drawbacks of idea, positives, possible outcomes, hurdles you may face and final artefact ideas. For example, how will you represent all as a final artefact.? Will you opt for a final video (diary form) or will you submit an interactive website (with interviews), vlog videos and official ‘company’ channel plus projected pieces (for mini installation). Will this also be accompanied by a printed progress journal and/or an electronic version?
  • Be sure to keep in mind that although you need to presents years worth of work. You have to make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself and overachieve by setting your goal too high.  Therefore keep track of how much you are thinking of compiling, creating and organising into a particular artefact.  Making sure to create a mini ‘formats/mediums’ list (as shown below):
  1. Desired Mediums: Print, Journal. Interactive Website, Vlog, Installations and projections.
  2. Importance of mediums: To give audiences (how will you find your audience and why will they be interested in your project-add pols, survey monkey, word of mouth techniques and so forth here).

FMP structure (Questions)

  • Are there any ‘out of the box’ FMP ideas that I can take inspiration from (excludes short films and documentaries etc.)
  • What am I trying to prove/aim for with my own FMP idea(s) and will I be able to execute all in time?
  • How will you execute your FMP idea to the fullest plus command a team of______ (if needing extra aid but keeping in mind nature of the project as being a ‘solo’ one.
  • How will you document all your progress in a more innovative way?
  • Will you have enough contact time with your subject matter and how will you balance each other’s schedules effectively?
  • How will you deal with occupied dance spaces and location re-schedules. Will you have backup plans in place in due course, in order for you to move onto another option adding to feasibility and minimising delay for overall project?
  • In what ways will you be able to balance particular areas of your FMP and how will you bring all together into one medium (or two)- Brief depending.
  • Will you screen your project for a limited audience as a test run? Also, how will you conduct audience research?
  • What sources will you rely on for your fmp research?

Project Proposal Name(s)-Idea Tree

  • The analysis of ballet and body types through various media formats
  • A social experiment highlighting Ballet and the history of body types
  • Ballet: Unfolding the art form and understanding body types.
  • Deconstruction, Reconstruction: A visual experiment focusing on Ballet and form

Denise H (title suggestions)- plus update all on extended Prezi etc (plus on Prezi’s for backup ideas etc.)

FMP Ideas Shortlist (possibly create separate blog post?)- Be sure to add more visuals and clear up big blocks of text etc.

  • Denise H Idea (could try to integrate ‘The Tank’ but will need to write down the dates in which you want to work in The Tank etc).
  • Cookery Magazine (mini cooking sessions-practise runs-around friends houses etc.)
  • Finger Lights Idea (A Bollywood Spectacle)- Could use ‘The Tank’ for practise runs?

Meeting 2 (plan)

*Provide handwritten copy for Denise plus show interactive website to Denise if time.


  • Record minutes (clear phone first)
  • Discuss continuation of idea
  • Go over overall aims and objectives plus be sure to clarify all.
  • Think about the development of Ballet and Body Types and what you are aiming to show the public-your final resolution. Thus is there a particular point you are trying to make or a certain outcome you are hoping for?
  • Look over whole google drive (FMP documents) to checklist points. Plus put into motion ‘subject discussions’.
  • Re-clarify contact hours and schedules in order for you to meet on a weekly basis (if possible two times a week +)
  • Further look into weekends and also trial sessions (filming) at Denise’s performing arts centre (where she teaches).
  • Further, think about incorporating DH’s ‘promo spree’ idea in a more fluid way. Adding to overall project’s aim and objective(s).
  • Pay close attention to your time (in meetings) and schedule discussion points in 20-30 minute blocks. In order to make sure that agendas are met and fulfilled as opposed to overlooked/abandoned.

Meeting 2 (see all notes) + scan all in now!!

Inspirational subject (research video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXsP-AAL-7M (reference all imp!)


  • USP:
  • Weekly Podcast (expand on)
  • Draft Presentations
  • Importance of Ballets history plus perception of body type (views of a professional): audio plus written
  • Tell DH to compile all for mon or Thurs now etc to add to presentation.
  • Record next meeting
  • view whole gdrive

Re-go over all notes asap plus organise all and create mini prezi for main idea asap!!


Inspiration (for black and white mini interviews etc.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KabrtzasyCM

For Presentation (email extract from Denise herself): 

Hi Ash,

Please find statement in three paragraphs below; hope it is ok? Let me know.



I am very interested in the politics of ownership in relation to ballet, both in terms of how it is taught and how people identify with it in terms of their own participation and commitment. Part of my mission, as a teacher, is to make ballet accessible, on every level, to all who make the commitment to study it. Jennifer Jackson, a respected academic and former dancer with the Royal Ballet, advocates that we all have ‘the ideal body’ for ballet; and as we only have one body with which to do ballet that of course is our own body. Yet for me, it is not the ‘ideal’ body that is missing so much as the ‘different’ body. I long to hear from and to see the ‘different’ body represented in ballet, particularly in a professional context. Most of the respected high-profile ballet organisations have outreach and participation departments and activities, but for me, though these may be a step in the right direction, they do not go nearly far enough in tackling the barriers of ownership and implicit permissions that remain unattainable and unachievable in relation to ballet.

This philosophy inspires my desire to teach and to create work. I teach both children and adults. My longstanding adult ballet class, that meets every Sunday at the Motionhouse Dance studio in Leamington Spa, is in need of some promotional activity in order to increase awareness, promote participation and boost recruitment from new members. How the class is represented is very important to me, and having advertised in local papers previously, which was both costly and ineffective, I would like to engage with new ways of using current media interfaces, in order to provide something that goes beyond merely advertising the class times, but builds layers of interest and inspiration in ways that approach and advocate the ‘difference’ I desire.

Ash and I have discussed a variety of different interfaces and uses of media; never short of ideas and inspiration we have a track record of successful and productive artistic collaboration. Ash completed a study placement with me and successfully collaborated and led the media side of my submission for the Royal Ballet School Teaching Diploma, assisting me in successfully attaining a place on the merit of that submission. I am currently in my second year of study for this alongside my work commitments as a lecturer at Coventry University and my other teaching positions within a variety of educational and community-based settings. I have every confidence in Ash; he undoubtedly has the skills, vision, passion, maturity and commitment to facilitate this project with me, which has the potential to build and project artistic outputs of longevity for the future of ballet regionally, perhaps even nationally.

Meeting 4

  • Go over latest documents-see pad
  • View al third year fmp materials (valid)
  • Discuss final artefact (see previous blog posts etc.)-Gather together all notes


DH Meeting 4

  • Idea has now been greenlit (yayy)
  • Email dance ‘council/accredited board’-listen to Mez year 3 notes and possibly show DH and keep DH reference at hand. Also re-organise the whole folder aswell.
  • Discuss projection/installation angle
  • Think about interactive website as final artefact (see brief)- plus speak to Danai
  • Also, show Morgan’s notes to Denise and type up all.
  • Record minutes from the session and key takeaways.
  • Go over all angles (of idea) and start to plan out podcast recording times etc.

Next meeting: 23rd (09:30)

  • View recording year 3 mez and record sarah whitley.

Key takeaways: all note scans

  • Projections: Isadora software [https://troikatronix.com/]
  • Interactive website integration (see Danai)
  • Further discussion on Ballet and Body types
  • Website ideas
  • Promo ideas
  • Brainstorms etc.

For next time: possibly record minutes

  • Go over all DH notes and think about continuing all planning
  • Before next week:

Email Sarah Watley and draft up first response (with DH)- chase up paragraph

Edit One

Cannot find email address? Why not email Mez or possibly go to reception? Or search through contact database via moodle


Email Draft One

Hello Sarah,

Good Morning

My name is Ashish, and I am studying on the Media Production course in my final year. For my final project, I have decided to collaborate with a fellow creative who teaches at the University (Denise Horsley)-introduce her?

Our idea involves Ballet ownership and the representation of different body types. We hope to educate and inspire many who may have certain ideals regarding ballet. Thus seeing it as very exclusive and selective. Therefore would like to offer our audience members an interactive website (tbc) where we would involve mini interviews. Furthermore thinking about other interactive mediums to spread the word across. One other element will also be a podcast incorporating the history of ballet and mini audio tutorials (accompanied by a set of collective sequential images?).

Due to your experience and having researched into your background into disability and dance. I was wondering if you would be able to share some resources with me, such as books to read, recommended companies and influencers to research etc. 

I was also wondering if I could ask you the following questions to make up part of an written interview (which I can add to my research). If you would like to meet in person then I’d be happy to do so. However I understand that due to schedules and prior commitments this may not be possible for which i completely understand. -rephrase all!!

  • add in short bio of yourself
  • Main point of project plus elements
  • Insert DH reference within email (after gaining consent)

Thank you

Have a nice day

Ashish Patel

Send email to Sarah-message mez first or listen to recording asap!!

*Re-listen to Mez’s notes and think about reaching to more influential individuals who have experience will ballet. Why not get in touch with them through Twitter and by finding their respective blogs and websites.

Think about representation, how you market yourself an the project you are marketing etc.

Continue adding to the main bibliography and organise all asap!!

Transcribe interview notes?

Email: Dance research Centre CEDA


Sarah Wattley (professor of dance)-find address



Reading (all research notes) and scholarly books/material also view video footage and analyse all.

Map out each element (see progress)-ALL DH Notes plus sync diaries (DH FOL)

Do research on her background and start to collate whole email

  • Danai meeting:

  • Ask about interactive elements and use of Storygami
  • Think about all of your elements plus go over all DH notes
  • Visit interactive websites that you know
  • Recording meeting
  • Questions to set up: How do I set up my own interactive website from scratch and what software should I be using?



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