New Leamington Spa Session (Latest Session)

3024MAPA Final Media Project: Production

Sunday 21st January

Today I met Denise at Motionhouse studios in Leamington Spa to continue our filming session. I made sure to complete all paperwork by distributing all consent forms, re-affirming nature of filming material etc.

After speaking to Denise, I managed to get a sense of her own vision and what she was looking for with all footage. First, she suggested that we keep with the black and white filter and continue all slo-mo work. Whilst also re-affirming with participants that all footage will be seen by them first before being uploaded. Denise also stressed that much of the footage will simply be used for educational purposes by herself, with the rest contributing to our own project.

During the session, I made sure to distribute question cards using our group email address, adding to professionalism and our own collaborative nature.  Further explaining to each participant the importance of each question, with q3 (what advice would you give your past self-concerning ballet?). This question in particular, really resonated with our participants as they found it to be really needed in today’s discussion within Ballet (on self-esteem and even body types). Finally, I collected many of the audience research surveys from two weeks ago, aiding us in our audience research phase (as we begin to collate results into pie charts in the next coming week etc.)

Graphic Designer Messages (-Present)

Some points discussed included:

  • Consent forms
  • Logo measurements
  • Styles
  • Feedback
  • Suggestive advice

Overall communicating with Lucy and continuing filming at LS was very productive and engaging. Further aiding myself and Denise in the construction of the project, as we start to bring everything together in the next coming weeks for our interactive website. On an end note, the participants really appreciated the filmed footage, as I and Denise previewed some shots within the session itself. With many praising the black and white filter, slo-mo effect and how they all looked on camera as they liked that they could point out what they could improve on/what they were doing right (even if they couldn’t see that they were etc.)

One memorable moment from today’s session was showcasing my own dancing skills by giving our participants (Denise’s Students) a special performance. This involved me presenting a special folk dance from the hit 2001 Bollywood film titled Lagaan. The song itself explores Radha and Krishna’s devotion to each other (re-enacted) etc. Some feedback on my dance included the following;

“Very expressive”- DH Student 1

“I really liked the hand gestures and eye contact”- DH Student 1

“Now all you need is to wear your traditional costume next time”- DH Student 1

One other task which I completed today included purchasing a domain, creating a WordPress website and thinking about website alternatives plus taking on board Symrans advice throughout (see email and add to digital paperwork folder).

This coming week- create digital paperwork folder now and complete risk assessments for Liam also book Luke meeting and start on klynt website by watching all tutorials first!


Research Corner: Ashish’s Notepad of Ideas)

3024MAPA Final Media Project: Production, Idea Book (FMP)-ST

Idea Branch Continued

2 Main Ideas (TOP)


  • Cross genres
  • Tell a story
  • Music license
  • Special guests from diff disciplines etc
    Create mini posters plus Aim?? Genre appreciation plus dance culture to cov
    House of flying daggers 2004 inspiration
  • Film scores???
    Shows???Dance is passion etc!!
    Why unique??
    Sell sell sellMarket
    Create prezi etc
    Gdrive fol plus

Brainstorm: Health mag
Diff recipe everyday mail out
Diff cuisines plus filter
Health tips
Ingredient info
5 min exercise
Online vlogs
Monthly dance videos Zumba inspired plus topics articles
Journalism student collabs for health and fitness stats
Snapchat stories

Blog articles (daily posts outlining food hacks plus involving mini recipes). Other content may range from food inspired stories to funny gif posts/memes/sayings/grad life relating to food itself.
Instagram: positive messages/mini work outs
Benefits of doing….
Research- survey monkey
Document process +

Other Ideas (attach mind maps all-here)

Photography Exhibition (interactive)

  • Interactive art pieces
  • Sticky wall post its feature (unveiling of peoples artwork, making final product as desired)
  • Celebrating culture/food/diversity/happiness or_____/all
  • Possible venue: The Glass Box, The Tank or Fargo Village (£50 deposit-day use?)

Dance and Healing (mental health workshop)

  • Space (for workshop)- Near Morrisons next to repair shop (near CV1 3BN)
  • Dance routines (collaberate with various dance disciplines ‘students’)
  • Enlist Denise H’ assistance?
  • Research: Audience Polls, support groups, facebook forums etc.
  • Promotion: Mini vlogs, pop ups etc

Content: Importance of dance and mental health (add in researched stats) plus cause and aim of the project etc.

  • Further assess feasibility level here as well (asap)

Radio Show (mysteries and other blunders/topical show)

  • Various guest hosts and guests
  • Think about direct content and audience engagement
  • Play close attention to logistics of record
  • Further brainstorm topics and think of those which directly relate to univeristy students etc.
  • Also think of unique and new/upcoming ways to market overall programme.


      0.5.  Lifestyle Channel

    • Location: The Tank
    • Elements: Cookery, Dancing, Lifestyle Topics, Advice
    • Promotion: Instagram, Twitter, weekly vlogs, QR codes (competitions) *Further researching up and coming apps in order to integrate into promotion of the overall project.
    • Audience research: Survey Monkey *How often do you watch lifestyle channels/participate in competitions etc.
    • Think about presenters (i.e you), plus character profile etc.
    • Quickfire rounds (various topics)
    • Wrist Cam? (Inspired by Wendy Williams Shoe Cam)

Possibly involve studio tours and “get to know….” segments

  • VT’s (Third Party), may involving contacting present youtubers to ask about content usage (further involving credit and possible promo).
  • Further make sure to keep all important documentation at hand plus re-visit copyright legislation 2014 plus document etc.
  • Abide by all code of conducts for television production and seek further advice from Shaun and Karen when needed etc.

* Be sure to also reference poll results within overall artefact. For example depending on results. Thus make sure you gain responses from specific questions. For example “What type of lifestyle channel people would be interested in” to “what would make them more inclined to watch the channel (i.e special guests, content, material, style, format type) etc.

  1. Visual movement projection project


  • Team up with fellow collaborator (Denise Horsley, Ballet Dancer)
  • Think about which projectors to use and where they will be placed. Further, utilising contacts within the media loan shop.
  • Also, assess feasibility in using a group of dancers (and how to support their own projects in return)
  • Draw attention to mental health by choreographing or assisting particular sequences reflecting particular situations, emotions, actions representing mental health.
  • In terms of research, aim to create a survey monkey poll/Facebook live poll to find out what members of the public really know about mental health. And if their perceptions of it are influenced by those close to them in any way shape or form.
  • For promotional techniques, think about booking out the glass box or even booking out a smaller place to air some mini snippets of each choreographed routine for the projection(s).
  • Further think about location scouting and fundraising possibilities (i.e Henna stands, sandwich sales etc.)

2. Visual movement in the dark (project)

Equipment needed/services:


To emphasise movement and colour through lighting and musical genres

Include different genres: Bollywood, Reggae etc

Possibly bring together a small group of people at a time for a mini workshop which would be filmed (in order to capture the colours of the lights on film?)

Audience engagement

  • Getting the public moving
  • Bringing in a variety of genres (including Bollywood flavour)

Possible venues

  • Fargo Village (The Box)
  • The Glass Box
  • The Tank?

Feasibility/intent: Fun experience, community binding, movement aware (can advertise mental health if appropriate)

Raising funds: Henna stalls, Sandwich selling etc.

3. Cookery vlog show (explained in more detail) “Ash’s Kitchen”

  • Live cooking tutorials
  • Instant tips and tricks
  • “Ash’s Kitchen” – Full tour
  • Interactive website
  • Behind the scenes footage and bloopers (selected vlog videos)
  • Special guests, friends and budding chefs plus various creative affluence’s (i.e dancers, media practitioners etc.)
  • Run practice sessions before filming real thing (also film with black magic cameras or equivalent. Plus where a tie mic so audio is clear.

Note on Audio: Book out Zoom H1 (or get access to bigger zoom via Craig), followed by Sennheiser radio mic set alongside (purchase separately) 6-8 AA batteries (check media loan shop website), plus tie in mic. Once you have booked out Sennheiser kit, connect 1st transmitter monitor to lavalier clip in mic. Then attach zoom h1 to the second monitor (receiver). Be sure to check all levels after all has been plugged in. If the monitor is not responding then connect zoom h1 to bigger monitor (included with Sennheiser kit) as an alternative to act as the receiver. Finally, make sure that audio is using lavlier mic rather than picking all up on zoom h1 (as background noise will creating buzzing etc.)

Fundraising: Possibly raise funds for desired cooking charities or even do a charity bake sale etc.

4. Dance show (adding Bollywood fusion intro Coventry) or Bollywood Dance Workshops (pop-ups) or even exhibition (could use the Tank)0 and even involve dance lessons??

  • Live workshops
  • Learn Bollywood (simplified)
  • The perfect elements to a Bollywood dance video
  • Bollywood green screen corner
  • Bollywood postcard idea

All: Think of how feasible idea will be amongst other determining factors as a Magazine will involve a lot of people which may not be possible to do in a year (magazine type/format depending).

5. Bolly-dance live TV show

Material/Inspiration (own self):

  • Live tutorials
  • Live social media integration
  • Special guests
  • One to one interviews with various dancers
  • VT (history of ‘Kathak’/equivalent)

–  Be sure to book out the tank in due time.  Further planning out each episode and coming up with a rough script. If possible also enlist some talent, to aid show and to liven it up even more.

Talent needed: ‘Gallery’ helpers, graphic designers, sound and lighting etc.

6. Denise Horsley Project 2

Aim: Making ballet more accessible to the public

  • Featuring live tutorials
  • Deconstructed routines
  • Live social media updates, plus an interactive website (with more know-hows, tips and further inspiration)
  • Message Denise to pitch possible completion of project as your own FMP plus also involve others within your project.
  • Further think about age demographics, public engagement and word of mouth promotion techniques.
  • Possibly involve Denise dance students to assist Denise with some of the workshops, acting as ‘demonstration dancers’. For possible payment as stated before, offer involvement (of your skills) in their future projects and a short reference as well.
  • Also, enlist an on-site photographer to take pictures of the whole ‘event’ but bear in mind copyright legislations and crowd filming as well. Thus read up on the ethics of exhibitions, events and so forth.


[1] Free illustration: Texture, Background, Ballet, Dance – Free Image on Pixabay – 2062248. 2017. Free illustration: Texture, Background, Ballet, Dance – Free Image on Pixabay – 2062248. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 July 2017].

*Add in pictures, external sources etc.

Cooking Idea (FMP Project)-Idea Plan

3024MAPA Final Media Project: Production, Idea Book (FMP)-ST

Back up Idea: Cookery Magazine

Content: Food, foodie film reviews, travel diaries

Online magazine creators:


*Start building content by taking pictures of food abroad alongside blogging

Filter professional traveller quotes (outline usage)

Contact chefs, food bloggers tc. To be a part of magazine

Action plan (summary)

  • Cont all FMP planning
  • Lockdown locations (rough research)
  • Utilise contacts
  • Upload all notes (written) as photographs plus be sure to date all work etc.


  • Android/IOS platforms
  • Mobile/tablet viewing
  • University faculties (print based)
  • Local printer facilities (high quality-RGB)
  • Proof reader (enlist)- think about involving english students etc.-involve fee??


  • Set aside £35 a month (from september to December?)
  • Henna stall (in the hub)= £3.50 per design (includes aftercare pack?) and free goodies
  • Involve peers (to group fundraising activities)- i.e film nights and dance classes etc
  • Food stalls (bake sales?)
  • Prepare sandwiches (ham and cheese, pbj, egg and watercress)- sell sandwiches for £2.50 or half sandwich for £1.25-possibly cut in triangles??


  • Be sure to work off all your strengths
  • Learn from your setbacks and even weaknesses
  • Assess your performance along the way
  • Make sure to date all your work

Mock up cookery magazine (plan)

  • Cover image (to be completed on ‘Canva’)
  • Elements (live vloggs, travel diaries, favourite recipes, ‘uni-sized’, collaborations with other faculties (i.e nutrition students)
  • Particular themes each week
  1. Cooking and cocktails, Cooking and late evenings, Cooking and restaurants (inspired by) etc.

Be sure to keep a consistent theme in order to carry all along in a very focused way.

Further, use own photographs/use royalty free images (but credit where required)


  • Think of how you will carry idea (so that all amasses to a year’s work of worth)
  • If feasible maybe think about creating online version of magazine (where links can be embedded in-leading to websites, vloggs, sister channels (of peers) etc.

Further bring out different sketches (mock ups) of design covers on Canva

Possibly bring together own photos to make up cover as a collage (plus bring in a new theme each week alongside main one, of food!).

  • Credit each involvement within magazine (imp)
  • Go over copyright laws for magazines and think about copywriters plus grammar checkers etc.

Contents Page

  • Introduction (aim of magazine and author notes)


  • Food Diaries (abroad-use own pictures, plus quotes from people etc?)


  • Interviews (with food nutritionists)


  • Gallery


  • Quick recipes (student corner)


  • Students comments on food (what’s cooking?) I like…. (can replicate ____at home for next to nothing).


  • Facts and figures (small section). Top ingredients (Ashish’s pantry)

Get in touch with influential figures i.e Jamie Oliver

  • Next edition topics?
  • Thank You’s


Departments (to scout all)

  • Editors
  • Graphics
  • Copywriters
  • Other

See full credits list for any top magazine (food related?)

Magazine clip out collations

  • Content
  • Colour palettes
  • Interviews etc
  • Image sizes
  • Borders

Action plan (summary)

  • Cont all FMP planning
  • Lockdown locations (rough research)
  • Utilise contacts

Audience feedback (poll)

  • Set up all ‘survey monkey’ asap
  • Create professional collation of all responses etc plus professional email for the magazine.
  • Think about ways to interact with your desired audience through the magazine


Possible questions (have a mix of open and closed questions):

  • How often do you read lifestyle magazines
  • How often do you cook
  • Are you consistent with your eating habits through university?
  • What you be interested in a student lifestyle magazine focusing on all things food, to act as an essential companion for you throughout your university life. Whether that be in your final year or in your first.
  • Would you be more inclined to read a lifestyle magazine which may offer free freebies etc.

*Think about including deadline for questionnaire and also further aims of project.

(what about involving other faculties through a joint collaboration. This will also involve you researching the do’s and don’ts of creating a cookery magazine plus top tips (involving a full roles list of who to credit as well).


Content(s) Ideas

*explained in more detail

Food diaries (travelling-include all the places you have been too)

Food hacks (breakdown popular recipes, and include eye popping graphics)

Top food tips (myths and tips and tricks): Be bold with this section. Offer advice and include ingredient breakdowns and even origins. Further including tips of garlic peeling, cutting peppers, dealing with onion eyes etc.

Weekly competitions:

Personalised aprons etc (remember to involve sufficient fundraising)

What about involving other faculties through a joint collaboration. This will also involve you researching the do’s and don’ts of creating a cookery magazine plus top tips (involving a full roles list of who to credit as well).

Food diaries (travelling-include all the places you have been too)

Food hacks (breakdown popular recipes, and include eye popping graphics)

Top food tips (myths and tips and tricks): Be bold with this section. Offer advice and include ingredient breakdowns and even origins. Further including tips of garlic peeling, cutting peppers, dealing with onion eyes etc.

Weekly competitions:

Personalised aprons etc (remember to involve sufficient fundraising)

Maybe include a ‘free shopping trip (to the market) with expert advice.

Credits section

Involve QR codes and possibly other interactive codes to engage with your readers. Whether that’s learning more about a particular ingredient or the origins of a particular recipe.

Sitting down with.. (a short feature section involving exclusive interviews, responses, conversations and much more).

Note: Research important figures within the culinary industry (i.e Jamie Oliver). Think of ways to interact with them to how you could approach them to feature in your magazine. I’d recommend starting small with food bloggers/equivalent to practise on. In order to do this remember to create a LOGLINE for magazine, AIMS for the magazine and FUTURE PURSUITS for the whole project as a whole.

Gallery section

  • Deconstructed recipe photos
  • Meet the chef
  • Food stories (journey)-healthy mind, happy body, content tummy column

Foodie films & tv shows (review section)

  • Top reviews
  • Own rating system
  • Spot the dish (Ash size it-micro-budgeted- contained flavour, easy spending)

(e.g Ratatouille from the 2007 animated hit Ratatouille

Instagram & snapchat mediums

  • Cooking size (instagram stories)

Think about how to spread instagram handle in order to gain more followers etc.

*Making your favourite recipes more affordable by ‘uni-sizing’ them! Who said eating great on a budget was (is) hard?”


  • Quick boomerangs or mini videos
  • Live tiles (releasing one piece of the picture on a daily basis, in order to reveal full image at the end of the week.
  • Suggestions and tips, released on the side line through snapchat (create separate account). Possibly invest in facebook stories as they have just come out with extra function (add on).
  • Think about overall instagram image and layout +
  • Gain additional support (media peers), after dummy run.
  • Partnering wordpress site
  • Create surveymonkey survey asap
  • Cater to vegans (find recipes)


Create content for test audience (i.e close friends, in order to get honest opinion from them

Think about how you upload images and videos, set-up, font-styles etc (also think about longevity of project as well)

All: Keep both consistent over a weekly period, plus schedule in time-slots for all content, so that you can check distribution, compare stats and so forth.

Consider branding, logos etc plus gain access to youtube channel and finish title cards

Main Task (Interviews)

*Be as creative as possible and think outside the box

Further elements

Interactive website

Daily vloggs

Mail outs

Special diets (corner)


  • Copyright legislation
  • Photo-use
  • Research all ‘copyright’ areas regarding magazine making (plus include links for research and keep everything dated)

Magazine creating (top tips)

*use cite it right/ref me for harvard referencing cu)


Logo Ideas

Top chef hat with gold lettered A

Top chef hat, with the outline consisting of your name


Chefs hat and tool (#kitchen hacks)

Possibly even consider a more ‘universal logo’

Upload a ‘logo’ poll or a questionnaire to involve the public (students). Further picking the best logo for magazine through an online competition. However you can still include requirements (i.e your name) for the logo itself?

Print publication/online version

  • Ease of use
  • Preference
  • Mail outs
  • Draft up expenses in due course
  • Market both versions
  • Stock up on log numbers for each. Possibly include a ‘waiting list’ depending on magazines overall interest/

Further research

Magazine cut outs (+FMP folder documents)

Classic magazines plus layout structures (to seek inspiration from)

Magazine advice?

Logistics of magazine making plus particular specifications etc.