3027MAPA: Project Elements/Screening of work

3027MAPA Final Media Project: Proposal


  • Change/capture peoples perceptions of ballet (body types, ownership and censorship)
  • To start a social experiment in order to see peoples views on ballet and how the media has affected their views.
  • Want to come to terms with lasting effects on body image, censorship and ownership from key professionals within the ballet world?

Screening of work:


“What if you presented all as mini-workshops in local communities, Denise’s classes etc.?”


Fargo Village (the box)

Projections (using Klynt): The Glass Box (enquire with dates)

Long Term

We further hope to possibly showcase our work in local schools. Further bringing ballet and the accessibility of it directly to a classroom setting. A private screening may also be on the cards, gaining valuable insight(s) and reviews from direct professionals. For example Sarah Whatley, rest of Ceda board, Denise’s colleagues etc. Due to the nature of our final artefact being an interactive website (tbc). We will use Klynt to add to interactivity and prolong viewing and boost website traffic to our site. This will also benefit our overall project, as we’d incorporate Klynt as a final element. Giving our audience the change to engage with all in any order they choose.

Klynt element

(*end paragraph of ‘meeting 6’ notes ‘PROJECTIONS’)


The elements include (but are not limited too):

1. Podcast Session (audio tutorials of Ballet-DH)- with interactive visual material/live gallery (interactive website)





2. Ballet and Me (Campaign)– to be planned out and storyboarded.

With this particular element, we hope to draw light on confidence, self-esteem, body image (the perception that we have about ourselves)…


1. To showcase movement through silhouettes. 2. To provide audiences with an interactive photo series showcasing Ballet and peoples relationship with the dance itself. 3. To identify and experiment with marketing tactics to provide and intuitive campaign to aid overall project (marketing) and nature of it etc.

Drawbacks: Limited time frame, limited resources, limited scope (relevance to project). The overall element is well laid out but if not executed well project element will have a domino effect to all the rest of the elements and bring down the main ‘research’ question of the project itself.


  • Photography series
  • Contact networking contact asap!
  • Camera fundamentals/read over all GH5 notes and view all YT tutorials +
  • Incorporating silhouettes
  • Touching on body types and parts of the body that subjects may not deem good (own perception)
  • Thus silhouettes will show perfection but in reality, each subject as imperfections (as everyone should to an extent) which isn’t shown in Ballet but is being touched on after through soundbites, moving text, symbolism etc.
  • Photos may not feature subjects faces in them directly. Therefore focus will simply be on movement, stance, flow (for added dramatic effect).

3. Audience participation (response collection)- Social Experiment

B/W series, non-linear audio based narrative, inspired by Pina (2011 documentary-see Danai notes +). Footage will show students practising ballet and getting ready for each sequence, whilst sound will be each individuals voice coming into frame indirectly talking about their relationship with ballet, perceptions, myths and how they are/what they feel when they are at ‘one’ with the dance etc.

  • Could maybe incorporate Freudian theory ‘word association’ experiment here?
  • [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_association_(psychology)]
  • Further attracting a variety of age groups (DH’s young kids class)
  • Gaining a variety of responses, analysing results and looking over all data plus reflecting on process (photo/video diary, journaling etc.)

With this particular aspect, we hope to grow our own understanding of our participants/audience members. Further providing a ‘burning question’ for our participants to directly/indirectly respond too. Thus adding to engagement, participation and main source (subject) of the project at large.

Personal Stories

Make it more tailored

What is it about their character that is affected by Ballet?

“What does Ballet mean to you” etc.

Make it personal to add to uniqueness

Denise H (Meeting 7)+Meeting 8/9

3027MAPA Final Media Project: Proposal

Thursday 16th of November

Add in note scans asap here!!

Notes: Undergo more critical reflections

Focus on keeping all notes organised

Add in visual aids and some up meeting notes week by week (poss record all)

Attach minutes/equivalent here (scans):

Today I met with Denise to discuss our project in more detail. Below includes all completed/ongoing tasks.

  • Discussed timeline
  • Went over possible locations/individual responsible for all (i.e Denise)
  • Viewed, discussed and replied to Sarah’s (CEDA) email
  • Networked (tested out social experiment element)- screen test
  • Went over leamington spa footage and discussed “next steps”
  • Went over podcast bookings
  • Possibly think about podcast integration

Overall, today’s session went well as we managed to set into motion our next steps. Further drawing on self-reflection, time management, project outcomes and project elements etc.

Monday 20th October

-Plan out podcast sessions

  • View 3026MAPA all notes (asap)
  • Go over all loan shop equipment (booked)
  • Think about full project timeline
  • Also, think about all elements mapped out (go over all pad notes/organise big pad notes and put all to ring binder with labels, colour codes etc.
  • Enlist aid for the project (register interest from your peers, plus put together “essential skills” required. For example cinematographer.

Improved writing style, how you collate all your research (possible caw session workshop) and organisation methods (declutter mind, declutter surroundings etc.)

  • Plan re-edit of podcast (see meeting 6 notes big pad)-Complete
  • Think about audio based tutorials (add in visual elements etc.)

Interactive website links:

  1. https://www.codecademy.com/skills/make-an-interactive-website
  2. Lynda.com (HTML Coding Links)

Adobe After Effects (Lynda.com)

Camera Fundamentals/Sound (Lynda.com)

GH5 video tutorial (plus find paper notes) and also take pictures of booked out equip +:

Essential tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqk8Nzo6wWE

Long video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6-ezqIyMv8

Additional Notes (Stef) plus skills session(s) Becks

*Be aware you will be marked on critical and contextual knowledge of all areas of filming .

Meeting 9

Date: 27/11/2017

After compiling all project notes, risk assessment forms and more into one folder, I made sure to plan today’s session in advance. Further compiling three separate documents for each podcast element. As soon as Denise arrived (in the studio) I made sure to brief her on all and show her our production folder (which she was very impressed with). We then discussed when we would continue all filming (with subjects) at Leamington Spa, eventually settling on the 14th of January (a few days before final proposal presentation). Followed by booking all equipment in advance and solidifying our main plan of action with all the questions we’d most likely ask. After all, subjects would be briefed by Denise a week before, to prepare for filming and mini-interviews. In order for them to relax and not really take themselves seriously (showing too many nerves on camera etc. affecting audience participation etc.) alongside some fun icebreakers to help people warm up to camera and relax for the whole session, as oppose to becoming too aware of the camera itself (bringing on nerves and panic).

Overall today’s session went well but definitely not smoothly. This is because we encountered some major issues with the recording equipment. This is because all though all levels were set nothing was being recorded as levels (on recording monitor) were not showing up. Also, all technical skills instructors were unavailable to assist with issues. Therefore meant that I had to think fast and record on my laptop through QuickTime (as an alternative). Although not the best audio quality what was clear to see was that the audio itself almost sounded like it was being conducted over a phone line. Thus inspired to switch up element by having Denise’s section as a ‘recorded phone call’ alongside an extended intro (written by DH herself) attached below:

*Add full rough script (scan) and re-draft all plus add in minutes asap!!

“Originally trained at London College of Dance. Teaching qualifications with ‘The Imperial Society’ of Teachers of Dancing-qualified to teach imperial Ballet. Studied for an MA in “Creative Practice” on a programme delivered jointly by Trinity Laban, Siobhan Davies Dance and Independent Dance. Currently Denise is studying for a diploma of (on) Dance Teaching with the prestigious Ballet school based in London ‘The Royal Ballet’.”-Denise Horsley

Overall, Denise’s suggestion was deeply valued and acknowledged considering it was add in authenticity and reliability for the audiences themselves while they hear from a Ballet professional speaking about her experience, stigma’s and myths etc.

For next time, I would be sure to book out back up audio equipment and come with a more solid script. Leading me to really work on voices and characters, further allowing for own development as a writer and even a performer/organiser etc.