Pitch: “Media Me” (Summer Task 3)

Pitch: "Media Me"-ST


Task 3: Pitch yourself! Produce a professional self-portrait that tells us about your creative skills and interests and ambitions (your media-related: interests, talents, favourite piece of kit, aspirations, dream job). Be as creative as you want to be in your interpretation of this task. (This can be an audio or visual response).

Planning Stage

  • Narrative 2.0 video style (screen recorder)
  1. Screen record
  2. Think about documenting process (morning routine/professional working routine). For example creating posts on canva, updating profile on LinkedIn, booking out equipment from the media loan shop (possibly filming yourself using the equipment). maybe even showcasing all from 1st person perspective but without showing face etc.
  • Big mood-board with pictures and other visual aids (interactive version)?
  • Audio response (use radio studios)- Be sure to book in advance asap! Further, think about what content you’d like to show etc (plus stick to brief, proofread all and back up etc.)
  • Visual poem (with illustrations)– type writing software online. Also, search up websites which change up your writing where you can add graphics and visuals to tell a story etc.
  • You could even use ‘Adobe Spark’ (through Lynda.com assistance). Note: Think about creating a visual video or audio format through this software. But be sure to plan all elements you will be using beforehand etc.

Sample Version (Untitled by Ashish Patel)

As I pick each colour, bright or dark. As I think about each frame big and small. As I think about an image, royalty free or my own. As I think about my audience younger or older. It’s here that I begin to let my creativity flow. From various assignments to social engagement meetings. I am beginning to open myself up to new and exciting opportunities. Learning more about audience insights and myself (as a media creator/practitioner). It’s here that the puzzle piece begins to fit together. Thus am ready to continue on with my professional journey and cease even more opportunities. Whether that may be audience centred or requiring me to learn more about my skills and craft in order for new doors to land open. Further embracing my motto of “embrace, create, persevere and run (run your own professional marathon and decide where you’ll finish, and at what point you’ll resume at etc.)

The idea of writing a poem stemmed from my experience with poetry and creative writing on the whole. For me, creating is an art of self-expression. Further showcasing all our feelings, emotions on situations on a page, whether we’ve drawn from the experience or included every little detail. Whilst capturing a certain moment (or more than one), which requires exposure/creation in order to impact those watching/involved within the piece itself.

Planning routine (plus idea maps)

  • Visuals (screen recorder)
  • Record self maneuvering around Canva, adding each element into a page
  • Notepad writing (my future ambitions and goals)
  • The future?
  • Link to pre-done website/blank box listing ‘the future’
  • Be sure to add depth and clarity. Further proofreading all work and coming up with the complete narrative structure for the video itself
  • Go through Adobe spark elements catalogue before proceeding with one overall format?
  • Also, think about added prompts and credits screen and blooper reel?

Final artefact:

Video Piece


Quotes: Brainyquote.com


Upon reflecting on my final artefact for this particular task, I can attach the following feedback.

  • Short video
  • Effectively descriptive yet to the point
  • Use of online sharing platform adds to ease of access and creativity factor.
  • Clever use of visual aids and means of storytelling (visual poem platform)

For next time

  • Could possibly market video, adding to views and likeability
  • Further utilising more social mediums to spread the word on the subject matter and gain some exposure for the work itself.
  • Finally, think about working off of different elements and not limiting yourself to one method etc.