15 times ‘The Mindy Project’ most likely summed up your love life all at once.

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Season One Trailer

Source: UniversalPlaybackTV/YouTube [1]

Having a love life at university can certainly come with its equal share of embarrassments and also hot messes. You’ll certainly find yourself in a fiddle at one given point due to major crushing, embarrassing moments and more. Below are 15 times the US Comedy sitcom ‘The Mindy Project’ managed to sum up your love life to a T whether you were in a relationship or a “content” singleton. Sit back, relax and grab yourself some tea. As you read on for moments you have already experienced to those you are very close to facing from the perspective of Mindy Lahiri (a fictional character from ‘The Mindy Project’).

1.The moment when you need to release your inner Beyonce

“It’s time”


2.  Whilst your favourite snack is calling you

“And to think I was going to pass this up for the gym”


3. To those times you misinterpret a nice gesture

“Are you serious right now?”


4. Or when your friends don’t understand your great music taste

“It’s a topic I feel very passionate about okay”


5. For when the term “hot mess” becomes the definition of you.

“I am fierce, single and a mess”


6. How about when your coming back from the club alone without a care

“I didn’t even know I could ride a bike”


7. Or when you get noticed admiring a crush who you have constantly been thinking of.

“Wait are they looking at me or the wall? Please say me.”


8. When someone (who knows you don’t read) gives you a book on relationships anyway.

“Hold up are you trying to say something about my relationship status!?”


9. The moment when Beyonce speaks directly to you (through her songs).

“Yes Beyonce, I am a single lady, I am”.


10. Or how about when your friend gets in a relationship and there’s you still searching (after months of no progress)

“Are they serious right now or is this a dream?”


11. And then your mum tries to make you feel better and suggests going out. Then you think about the horror and decide against it.

“I can’t, I just can’t”


12. Leading to the moment when you save your friends life

“As if my day couldn’t get any more hectic”


13. Or when you have a deep conversation with a random stranger

“That’s right I have been to battle many many times”.


14. But on the plus side at least you’ll be saving money being single

“At least now I can buy that new coat that’s been calling my name and not feel guilty”.


15. Not to mention slaying at every costume party you’ll ever go to.

“That’s right I can slay as a singleton and rock every costume”


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